Tactics, strategies, techniques and skills to deal with a full spectrum of self defense. Emphasis is on real world applications, topics include car jacking, sexual assault, home invasion, firearm threat, robbery, and sudden attack situations

Hand to Hand Combat

Offensive and defensive methods concerning the deployment of all manner of physical assault. Skills will be developed in the areas of striking, kicking, throwing, locking, weapon deployment and retention. All skills are practiced from both standing and lying positions, as well as everything in between. Tactics assume the need to overcome skilled opponents and multiple assailants.

Conventional Weapons

Unique methods of use and defense with and against, conventional weapons. Primary emphasis will be placed on knives, guns and sticks.

Impovised Weapons

Soviet Special Operations Units are reknown for their ability to turn just about anything into an effective weapon. We will teach you how to have this ability as well. Learn to utilize a belt, credit card, keys, clothing, glasses, anything, even your wallet to defend yourself!

Conditioning Exercises

Unique, unusual and extremely effective exercises developed by the Soviet military for warm-up, conditioning, flexibility enhancement, functional strength gain, pain and fear control.