Systema (The System) is a comprehensive system of defense and protection, which was only declassified, and made known to the public with the fall of the Soviet regime . Throughout the cold war it grew and adapted to the varied needs of the elite Soviet Special forces (Spetsnaz), and the KGB. As a result, it is a system that goes far beyond the scope of most martial arts, making it the consummate martial art for the modern world.

Specifically designed to be quickly learned, and easily employed, in even the most dangerous of situations, Systema is ideal for those in immediate need of a truly viable form of self defense.

Systema movements are based on instinctive and natural human reaction. Rather than trying to impose a new movement pattern on students, we have them reawaken, and take advantage of their natural reflexes. When compared with other martial arts, this makes for a significantly decreased time to proficiency, and provides a correlated increase in the time of retention.

In accord with this naturalness, Systema conforms to the individual, rather than asking the individual to conform to it. This allows people with differing abilities, and what some would call disabilities, to excel. The individual develops movement and technique which is not only suited to their apparent deficiencies, but stronger because of them!